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Incite to Write uses state of the art technology to create an interactive, user-friendly, kid-friendly private virtual classroom. Each lesson contains a dynamic 10-15 minute video with program creator and educator Carol Aubrey as the teacher. She is often assisted by kids of different ages who demonstrate and model the activities. Every lesson contains downloadable activities and writing worksheets that are used for practice…Read More
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Incite to Write has helped thousands of students over the past 15 years overcome their fear of writing and become confident in both written and spoken English. Students have learned to use the process of inquiry to sharpen their critical and creative thinking skills, and to become observant, curious and responsible participants in their education.…Read More
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Boredom: What You Can Do. Boredom is the worst thing on earth for most kids. It happens when kids can find nothing to engage in – on either a physical, mental, or emotional level. Nothing holds their attention or interest so their participation comes to a stop. When your child says she or he is bored, take it seriously. Read More

PARENTS: If you have received a letter from your child's school saying that your child may be eligible for free tutoring under Title 1 (Supplemental Educational Services - SES), please visit the +Writing & Reading Specialists website by Clicking Here. +Writing & Reading Specialists has locally trained tutors who can tutor your child at your school, home, or local library.


INCITE TO WRITE teaches kids to be powerful communicators in written and spoken English. Each lesson module contains creative writing ideas for kids, including writing games and writing prompts.There are lesson modules in Grammar, Sentence & Paragraph Writing, Narrative Writing, Expository & Persuasive Writing, and Critical & Creative Thinking Skills.

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