Steps to Success: Writing Activities for Kids in Elementary & Middle School

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Writing is the only academic subject that is also an art form and a powerful vehicle for creative self expression!


The Incite to Write curriculum emphasizes critical and creative thinking skills! It’s a highly motivating writing program that encourages students to explore their minds and get curious. It makes writing exciting because it engages them from the feet up in multi-dimensional activities that are active, hands-on and fun.Read more

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Incite to Write is an approved educational program in several states, providing state-wide supplemental services under federal ED legislation. The Incite to Write program has helped thousands of students over the past 18 years improve their writing and communication skills in both written and spoken English. Students have learned to use the process of inquiry to sharpen their critical and creative thinking skills and become observant, curious and responsible participants in their education. Read More
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How To Encourage Creativity in Your Child: Part 5 In Part 4, you learned that your innate creativity informs many aspects of your life, and that the way we see and how we do things makes each one of us unique. You also learned what specific things you can do to encourage and strengthen creativity in your child. In the final part of this series, we’ll look at the most important role that creativity plays. Read More

Fall is in the Air!

DSCN1027 Fall is a great time of year to brush up on Writing so your kids can approach the new school year with confidence. Writing is not like riding a bike, a skill that never seems to leave us no matter how many years pass. If writing has slid a bit during the summer, your students will need to practice to get it back up to par. Looking back, students can write about their favorite summer activities, 3 new things learned during the summer, an account of one of their summer days from sunrise to sunset, or their favorite foods to eat during the summer. Looking forward, writing topics could include what they want to achieve this year, what class they are most looking forward to and why, what class they don't want to take and why, and what special things they would like to do this fall. Communicating to others our thoughts, feelings and experiences is something we like to do, so if students are reluctant to write, start them off by verbally sharing in small groups. Assign listeners the job of making sure the speaker is speaking in complete sentences, and asking questions to help the speaker fill in more details. Then have everyone follow up with writing.


INCITE TO WRITE teaches students how to be powerful communicators in written and spoken English. The writing program consists of four modules:

  • Writing Foundation: Building Paragraphs;
  • Grammar & Descriptive Language;
  • Narrative Writing;
  • Explanatory & Opinion Writing.

    Each module contains active and fun strategies designed to develop a student's critical and creative thinking skills as well as self-confidence in the writing process. Parents may also purchase Get It Right! units for individualized, one-on-one instruction with an Incite to Write tutor.

    The Incite to Write Curriculum aligns with Common Core State Standards: Language Arts and addresses Writing, Speaking & Listening, and Language.

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