Incite to Write is an approved educational program in several states, providing state-wide supplemental services under federal ED legislation. For over 18 years the Incite to Write program has helped thousands of students overcome their fear of writing and become confident in both written and spoken English. Students have learned to use the process of inquiry to sharpen their critical and creative thinking skills, and to become observant, curious and responsible participants in their education.
Testimonials from Educators & Parents
“The INCITE TO WRITE program is a fun and creative method of teaching young students to feel successful and be successful at writing. I noticed significant improvements in the critical thinking and writing skills of my kids. I highly recommend this program.” Mimi Mangines, Parent

“My 3rd grade son found writing difficult, and because he wasn’t perfect at it, he’d give up before he even got started. Incite to Write changed him. He’s had so much fun creating stories and doing Punch the Period that now he’s not afraid to pick up a pencil.” Catherine Lian, Parent

“Elizabeth is filled with ideas on what to write. She asks lots of questions to give her writing details and she’s using adjectives and descriptive details.” Nancy Warren, Parent

“My 13-year old son loves the writing games. He’s made progress in writing down his thoughts and working with him is no longer a struggle. I like the strategies, too. They have helped me become more creative; I’ve gained confidence in homeschooling my son.” K. Simmons

“Daniel’s self-esteem has gone way up. Daniel is 13 years old, and it is such a relief for me to see him finally enjoying writing. He likes using his imagination, and we have fun doing the activities together.” Sonia Perez, Homeschooling Parent

“Carol is a dynamic educator. Teachers across the state have been excited by her creative program. Her workshops are full of innovative ideas.” Deborah Weir-Khan, Coordinator, Literacy Workshops, Florida Dept. of Ed.

“She is a master storyteller, workshop presenter and educator. I wish every teacher in every county had the opportunity to work with Carol and the Incite to Write program.” Dana DeMartino, Arts Administrator, FL. Dept. of State, Div. of Cultural Affairs

“Incite to Write is powerful, practical and fun for both teachers and students. After Carol’s workshop, the teachers were recharged and inspired, and they are enjoying success with the writing strategies in their classrooms.” Dr. Judy Stettler, Principal, Vieja Valley Elementary Sch, Santa Barbara,CA

“Incite to Write is a dynamic, fun, engaging and effective writing program. I was amazed at how much my students’ writing and critical thinking skills improved in a relatively short period of time. While other writing programs may only focus on grammar and language arts, Incite to Write teaches children to think critically and creatively as well as learn and fine tune writing skills. I highly recommend Incite to Write!.” Devorah Sarah, Teacher, Santa Fe, NM

“Carol transforms the common into the extraordinary. Her unique talents make her a much sought after presenter.” Dr. Kathleen DiBona, Principal, Dania Elementary, Broward County, FL

“The teachers and artists were so enthusiastic about your workshops and wished you could have stayed an extra day. All of the participants felt inspired and ready to implement your techniques into their lesson plans.” Sue Downs, Arts Education Director and Coordinator, Kennedy Center Partners in Education “Arts for Learning Teaching Insitute”, Univ. of North FL

“Excellent workshop and presenter! Carol’s activities are all interactive and well planned. Great ideas, very student centered, and fun.” Dr. Maria P. deArmas, District Director, Div. of Advanced Academic Programs, Miami-Dade Public Schools

“Ms. Quiroga’s workshops always energize teachers. She gets them laughing as they actively participate in the writing strategies they will take back to their classrooms. She makes learning fun.” Nancy Reese, Safe Schools Center, School District of Palm Beach County, Florida


I remember going to Norway in the winter for my honeymoon. My husband and I arrived at this little town not far from a glacier, and there were beautiful woven Norwegian sweaters for sale at the village store. Lots of them. That's because most of the villagers knit all winter long, when they were snowbound and could do little else.

Winter was also a traditional time for storytelling in most countries. The crops had been harvested, and there was nothing to do but wait for the spring to come. People gathered around the home fire and told stories.

We're a long way from those days, but we still do occasionally get snowbound. And winter is still a time to "go inside" energetically-speaking. Winter also affords an opportunity for quality family time: our need to communicate and connect with each other is greater than ever in a world of constant texting.

So how do we tell stories in the 21st Century? I suggest making up your own. Story cubes (found on Amazon) are a great way to get the ball rolling. Story cubes are like dice with pictures on each side. Throw the dice and the picture suggests the character, problem, or solution to the story. Take turns, making it a group story. This is great for all ages, and fun for everyone. Why? Because you get to use your imagination and critical thinking skills. And you get to collaborate and be surprised by what another member of your family comes up with. You get to know each other a little better.

Believe it or not, we're all great at telling stories. We love to use our minds and create; we love to imagine. It's our human nature. Winter is a great time to discover and strengthen that creative muscle. (For more about creativity, see my 5-part blog.) To cap off your storytelling session, enjoy a homemade pie, or toast marshmallows. Some traditions just never die!


Visit my new program, Storytellers & Writers, an after school dual language program that combines the Incite to Write strategies with storytelling.

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