Module IV. Expository, Informative & Persuasive Writing – Cost: $57


Expository writing provides a wonderful vehicle for explaining things in a clear, simple, and enlightening way!


Starting with the first strategy where students can physically get into the formation of an expository, the strategies and worksheets in this module are designed to build confidence and enjoyment in the expository and persuasive writing process. These strategies build on the strategies used in Module I.

Expository and persuasive writing encompass most of the writing that students do from early grade school on up through college. The thesis paper that students write to get a Master’s Degree and the dissertation required to get a Ph.D are both forms of expository and persuasive writing. It’s important that students understand and feel comfortable with these forms of writing at an early age. It’s not hard, and it’s not boring! These strategies are easy and fun, and provide a solid structure for students to use in the course of explaining and persuading.

In this module, students learn:

  • the difference between expository, informative and persuasive writing
  • a simple formula that teaches the structure and organization of expository and persuasive writing
  • how to quickly create an expository outline that supports a thesis statement
  • how to expand and develop expository and persuasive paragraphs
  • a fun strategy to capture the main idea in each paragraph
  • a fun strategy that helps students explore different points of view
  • practice in strengthening analytical and reasoning skills
  • ways to support arguments and opinions
  • how to problem-solve and resolve conflicts
  • practice in coming to consensus
  • practice in organizing and writing informative pieces
  • transition words that help students follow the basic expository and persuasive structure

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Cost: $57

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