Module III. Narrative Writing – Cost: $57


Is it possible to learn Narrative Writing without ever picking up a pencil? YES! Using simple storytelling and drama-based strategies, students easily learn narrative/creative writing in a fun way.

Let the magic begin!

Let the magic begin!

This means that even Kindergarten students can learn narrative! Of course we’re not going to stop at simply telling a good story. Good stories need to be written down so they can be shared and enjoyed again and again. The time spent on the oral strategies pays off tremendously when it comes to the actual writing of the story. By the time they write, students are confident in both the format and organization of a story. As with all good strategies, the strategies in this module can be used with any age group. You’ll find college students love these narrative strategies as well.

In this module, students learn:

  • a simple formula that teaches the structure and organization of narrative writing
  • how to quickly come up with ideas and story outlines
  • how to expand and add details
  • how to stay focused and think fast
  • how to begin and end stories
  • how to strengthen plot development and resolution
  • how to trouble-shoot common problems in narrative writing
  • how to respond to narrative prompts and perform well on state standardized testing

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Cost: $57

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