The Incite to Write curriculum can be purchased below by parents and by teachers for use in their individual classrooms. For use throughout a school or school district, please contact or call 505-216-0750.

The Incite to Write curriculum is for students in grades 3 through 8 (elementary and middle school students). Incite to Write is a highly motivating writing program that makes writing exciting and accessible. Students love it because it engages them from the feet up in drama and arts-based activities that are active, hands-on and fun and that address the multiple ways students learn. It has been effective and successful with thousands of students because it emphasizes critical and creative thinking skills. It teaches students how to use their minds to explore, imagine, observe, inquire and analyze, and then how to communicate their thoughts in writing. It is a perfect program for teachers who need engaging strategies that address the Common Core State Standards in Language Arts.

The curriculum consists of 4 modules that are appropriate for all levels of students in grades 3-8.

Module I: WAKE UP YOUR MIND! How to Build & Write Paragraphs
This module contains the writing foundation strategies of the Incite to Write curriculum. It is required for purchase of all other modules.

Each module in the Incite To Write program incorporates thinking and imagination strategies that are proven winners with kids
and have been used successfully with thousands of students in classrooms and homes around the country.

The modules consist of:


Strategies Strategies are learning tools that can be used with all age groups and with the same students again and again until mastery is achieved.

Worksheets Worksheets are generally used once and reinforce the strategies.

Videos Short, 5-15 minute videos in Modules I, II and III show teachers and parents demonstrating several of the strategies during a workshop conducted by Incite to Write creator Carol Aubrey. She shares writing tips and how best to implement the strategies.


For those who desire individualized instruction, you can purchase GET IT RIGHT! units at any time. Whether you would like one-on-one instruction throughout the year or occasional help from a tutor to correct and assess student writing, these units allow you complete flexibility when you want extra help.

Common Core State Standards

The Incite To Write program is fully aligned with the Common Core State Standards, specifically addressing the Writing, Language and Speaking & Listening standards for Literacy. The corresponding Common Core standards are indicated at the bottom of each strategy and worksheet.

A Note from Carol Aubrey

Carol Aubrey

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in the Incite to Write curriculum.

You’ll notice that the curriculum is not divided into grade levels. Why is this?

After much consideration, I’ve chosen to remove grade levels. Replacing grade levels with progression based on educational competency is becoming more and more a practical direction in education. Writing is one subject that lends itself perfectly to this. During my 20+ years of teaching writing, I’ve had middle school students and even college students come to me who can’t write a coherent paragraph. Am I going to direct them to the Grade 3 writing curriculum? That would not be very encouraging!

The fact is, there are successful CEOs who don’t know how to write, and school superintendents who send out letters containing
grammatical errors. Decades of neglect in writing education have resulted in a wide range of proficiency levels among students,
with well over half of all students scoring below proficiency in writing by the time they enter college.

Instead of grade levels, I’ve added Get It Right! units, which allow you to have individualized instruction and feedback
on your child’s writing at whatever level your child is at. You can purchase however many individualized instruction units you need,
and whenever you need them.

However, the strategies are solid and complete, and you may discover your child progresses fine on his or her own.
Plus, there are several short videos of parents and teachers demonstrating many of the strategies,
and you’ll hear my comments as well, so you’ll quickly gain a comfortable understanding of the strategies.
Older students will also enjoy watching the videos.

An Added Benefit

Because the curriculum is not divided into grade levels, you do not need to purchase new curriculum each year.
The skills for good writing are the same regardless of how old you are or what level you are at. The Incite to Write
program addresses all the skills students need to become competent, confident, and powerful communicators. The strategies are
designed to be used at any level and used again and again as students achieve writing mastery. While I have positioned
the Incite to Write curriculum for elementary and middle school students, many college professors use these strategies successfully,
as well as parents homeschooling with K-2nd grade children.

Ready to Get Started?

Module I. Wake Up Your Mind! How to Build & Write Paragraphs – Cost: $97

The Foundation of the Incite to Write Program!


Critical and creative thinking skills are at the heart of writing and at the heart of Incite to Write. This module gives students the solid foundation they need to become strong writers.The oral, interactive and written strategies and worksheets are uniquely designed to wake up the mind and develop thinking skills, as well as confidence in the writing process.

Students learn: Photo - summer camp by lake07012014_0000

  • how to strengthen critical and creative thinking skills
  • how to generate writing ideas and get curious about the bigger picture
  • how to stay in the inquiry and keep an open mind
  • how to create a topic sentence and main idea
  • how to elaborate and expand on a theme
  • how to add supporting sentences and details
  • how to stay on topic
  • how to write an opinion paragraph
  • how to conclude a paragraph
  • how to develop flow, sequence, and organization
Photo - summer camp 07012014_0001

To view the Table of Contents for Module I, CLICK HERE

Paragraphs are the building blocks for all genres of writing. The skills learned in this module will prepare your students for narrative, informative, expository and persuasive writing. Just as important, the strategies in this module make writing fun. They allow students to grow in confidence and experience how gratifying it can be to give expression to their own, unique voice.

Cost: $97

After you purchase Module 1, you will be directed to set up a username and password. You can securely log in at any time to access Module 1, download the Strategies and Worksheets, and watch the videos. Your access to Module 1 is available 24/7 and does not expire. Please Note: Once you have access to the program and the downloadable PDFs, no refunds are offered.

GET IT RIGHT! – Cost per Unit: $75 (grades K-5) $97 (grades 6-8)
Purchase one-on-one private writing instruction units for your child.

How it works:
girl writing

1. Submit 3 Pages of your Child’s Writing
Submit by email or snail mail:  
  • up to a total of 3 typewritten pages (or the equivalent in handwriting)
  • with a maximum of 3 paragraphs per page or a total of 9 paragraphs
  • at any time within the 3 month period of purchasing the unit

  • In any manner you want:
  • one paragraph at a time
  • one page at a time
  • or all 3 pages at the same time

  • For any writing assignment:
  • paragraph building
  • opinion paragraph
  • narrative writing
  • expository or persuasive writing
  • 2. Get 2 Rounds of Revisions

    Write – Revise – Write – Revise = Success!

    Round 1.
    The Incite to Write Team will edit, make suggestions, point your child in the right direction, correct grammar, correct spelling, help your child organize, or whatever else may be needed to tackle the 101 things that can come up in your child’s writing – and then send the suggestions back (via email) to your child to work on. The revision rounds are for the purpose of teaching your child how to grow in writing skills, not to merely correct and edit your child’s paper.

    Round 2. Ditto above! Your child re-submits the writing with the revisions. The Incite to Write team will comment on the revisions, edit and send back (via email) to your child. Why Revise? Revising and editing are how children of all levels learn to write. You may purchase as many Get It Right! individualized instruction units as you’d like to fit your needs.

    To Purchase:
    You will be able to purchase Get It Right! units and all other modules on your log-in page after you have purchased Module I above.
    To find out more about the curriculum modules, click on the links below.

    Module II: GRAMMAR & Descriptive Language – Cost: $57

    Module III: NARRATIVE WRITING – Cost: $57


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