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How to Encourage Creativity in your Child, Part 5

In Part 4, you learned that your innate creativity informs many aspects of your life, and that the way we see and how we do things makes each one of us unique. You also learned specific things you can do
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How to Encourage Creativity in your Child: Part 4

In Part 3 you learned how the process of creating works. You learned the importance of freeing yourself from resistance and conditioning so that you can come to the present moment, undecided about reality. In this way, you become a
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How to Encourage Creativity in your Child: Part 3

What is the Process of Creating? How does it Happen?

The act of creating is not as difficult as one might think. Being creative is innate to us; it’s tied in with our imagination. Remember those early humans who imagined the worst in order to survive? We’ve been strengthening that
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How to Encourage Creativity in your Child: Part 2.

How do we free ourselves to be open to the present moment where our creative potential awaits? In Part 1 you learned that the uncertainty inherent in every present moment is what allows us to create. Yet humans are wired
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How To Encourage Creativity in your Child: Part I

Whether you are raising a child who is already very creative, or you want to encourage creativity in your child, you’ll need to provide the freedom for your child to create: the emotional, intellectual and physical freedom to create. This
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Write Often, Write Early, Write Standing Up!

Writing at home often for a variety of reasons helps children appreciate the usefulness and practicality of writing. Some suggestions: your child can add products to your grocery list, write down on a large whiteboard where he is going when
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Boredom: What You Can Do

Boredom is the worst thing on earth for most kids. It happens when kids can find nothing to engage in – on either a physical, mental, or emotional level. Nothing holds their attention or interest. They complain that “there is
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Children Love Choices!

“Would you like peanut butter for lunch, or avocado and tuna?” “Do you want to read your new book, work on math, or just chill for 10 minutes?” “Are you going to get your breakfast this morning, or would you
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Winter Tales 2018!

INCITE TO WRITE teaches students to be powerful communicators in written and spoken English. Each lesson module contains creative writing ideas for kids, including writing games and writing prompts.There are lesson modules in

  • Building Paragraphs, Grammar & Descriptive Language,
  • Narrative Writing, and
  • Explanatory & Opinion Writing.

    The Incite to Write Curriculum aligns with Common Core State Standards in Language Arts: Writing, Speaking & Listening, and Language.
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