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Welcome to Module I.

This module introduces you to the foundation of the Incite to Write program. In it, you will learn strategies that strengthen critical thinking while building strong paragraph skills: creating a topic sentence or main idea, and expanding on that topic by adding supporting sentences. Paragraphs are the building blocks for all genres of writing. The strategies in this section create solid foundational skills for all forms of writing, including Narrative, Expository, Informative, and Persuasive.

To download the Strategies for Module 1: Paragraph Building, CLICK HERE.

To download the for Module 1, CLICK HERE.

Below is a list of the strategies and worksheets that comprise Module 1. Next to many of the strategies are videos of Carol Aubrey conducting a training session for teachers and parents. These short, 5-10 minute videos not only demonstrate how to do the strategies, but they provide valuable tips on how to teach writing. The strategies covered in the video are listed directly below each video.

Contents of Module 1 Page No.

Chocolate Cake!…………Paragraphs 4

The Blank Canvas………Paragraphs 5

Chocolate Cake, The Blank Canvas, Questions

The Question Game…………Paragraphs 6-7

The Art of Asking Questions………Paragraphs 8

Bag of Objects Paragraph………Paragraphs 9

The Question Game, Asking Questions, Bag of Objects Paragraph

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