Teleseminar-What You Must Know

Does your child struggle with writing?

How often do you hear, “I can’t
think of anything to write?”

Are you a parent who wants to
help your child, but you don’t
know how?

Unleash Your Child’s Desire To Write

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  • Learn effective strategies to motivate and inspire your child to write
  • Discover a new way to look at the writing/learning process
  • Transform struggling into inspiration and confidence
  • Watch your child’s mind light up
  • Expand your own creativity

Perfect for 2nd – 8th graders

Carol Aubrey

Carol Aubrey is an author and educator specializing in Writing and Higher Order Thinking Skills. She is the creator of INCITE TO WRITE!, a motivating, active writing program for kids that engages students from the feet up in the learning process through multi-dimensional activities that are hands-on and fun. Carol’s unique and highly successful curriculum development efforts in Language Arts have been recognized and rewarded through the numerous grants she has received.

She has worked closely with the school districts of Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade Counties, and provided teacher training for the Florida Dept. of Eduction and the FL Dept. of Cultural Affairs. While an Adjunct Professor for Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, Carol traveled around the country training teachers in their innovative M. Ed Creative Learning Program, a program that specializes in using the arts as a strategy to teach the core curriculum. Carol’s innovative approach has helped thousands of students overcome their fear of writing and grow to become powerful communicators in both the spoken and written word.

Here’s What Educators and Parents Say…

“My 3rd grade son found writing difficult, and because he wasn’t perfect at it, he’d
give up. He’s had so much fun creating stories with his new friends and doing
Punch the Period that now he’s not afraid to pick up a pencil.”
Catherine Lian, Parent

“Elizabeth is filled with ideas on what to write. She has become an organized and inspired writer!”
Nancy Warren, Parent

“Daniel’s self-esteem has gone way up. Daniel is 13 years old, and it is such a relief for
me to see him finally enjoying writing. He likes using his imagination, and
we have fun doing the activities together.”
Sonia Perez, Homeschooling Parent

“I wish every teacher in every county had the opportunity to work with Carol.”
Dana DeMartino, Arts Administrator,
FL. Dept. of State, Div. of Cultural Affairs

“Carol transforms the common into the extraordinary. Her unique talents
make her a much sought after presenter.”
Dr. Kathleen DiBona, Principal,
Dania Elementary, Broward County, FL

“The teachers and artists were so enthusiastic about your workshops. All of the participants
felt inspired and ready to implement the Incite to Write techniques.”
Sue Downs, Kennedy Center Partners in Education,
University of North FL

“The teachers are recharged and inspired, and they are enjoying success
with the writing strategies.”
Dr. Judy Stettler, Principal,
Vieja Valley Elementary School, Santa Barbara, CA

Yes, I want to unleash my child’s desire to write!

Receive Your FREE Video Training Course Now!
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