Module II. Grammar & Descriptive Language – Cost: $57

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Does grammar have to be boring? NO! Grammar is a wonderful tool. Its sole purpose is to organize and bring into clarity all the brilliant thoughts that go on in our incredibly active minds! Grammar is a friend, and learning the rules of grammar will help you in both your thinking and writing.


In this module, students learn the basics of grammar including:

  • a fun strategy that breaks the habit of beginning sentences with And, So, But, and Then
  • fun ways to use adjectives as a springboard into creating stories and adding descriptive details
  • How to identify subject and predicate and create simple sentences
  • how to use prepositions and vary sentence structure
  • how to create compound sentences
  • how to create complex sentences using transition words and subordinating conjunctions
  • how to identify and correctly use nouns and verbs, with answer sheets included

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Cost: $57

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Module I contains the writing foundation strategies of the Incite to Write program and is required for purchase of all other modules.

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Summer 2017

IMG_060 Summer is a good time to remember that writing is an art form, not just an academic subject. Kids deserve a break from academics, so in the summer, emphasize the creative side of writing. Have an "Imagine Hour" after sports or physical activities or when it's just too hot to do anything but sit around.

Sitting under a big shade tree with a bucket of cold water for hot and tired feet is a great set-up for writing - free from the distractions of TV and video games inside the house. Outside there are no walls, and a whole lot of life is happening every minute - just by looking down at the world of insects, or looking up and seeing the passing clouds, not to mention everything that can be seen and heard in between.

Stories are great vehicles for the imagination. They can be short ones or a long story that is continued over the whole summer. Every story has a who and where - so suggest interesting characters or animals that the story can be about to help get your kids started, or suggest an exotic or strange location, like a new planet in outer space, inside a gigantic ant tunnel, or on a melting ice cap in Alaska. Have a bag filled with interesting objects nearby, so whenever your kids get stuck in their writing, they can draw an object from the bag to give them ideas.


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INCITE TO WRITE teaches students how to be powerful communicators in written and spoken English. The writing program consists of four modules: - Writing Foundation: Building Paragraphs;
- Grammar & Descriptive Language;
- Narrative Writing;
- Explanatory & Opinion Writing.

Each module contains active and fun strategies designed to develop a student's critical and creative thinking skills as well as self-confidence in the writing process. Parents may also purchase Get It Right! units for individualized, one-on-one instruction with an Incite to Write tutor.

The Incite to Write Curriculum aligns with Common Core State Standards: Language Arts and addresses Writing, Speaking & Listening, and Language.

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