To Get Started, please fill out the student information form below and submit it.
How it works:
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1. Submit 3 Pages of your Child’s Writing
Submit by email or snail mail (See below for contact information):  
  • up to a total of 3 typewritten pages (or the equivalent in handwriting)
  • with a maximum of 3 paragraphs per page or a total of 9 paragraphs
  • at any time within the 3 month period of purchasing the unit

  • In any manner you want:
  • one paragraph at a time
  • one page at a time
  • or all 3 pages at the same time

  • For any writing assignment:
  • paragraph building
  • opinion paragraph
  • narrative writing
  • expository or persuasive writing
  • 2. Get 2 Rounds of Revisions

    Write – Revise – Write – Revise = Success!

    Round 1.
    The Incite to Write Team will edit, make suggestions, point your child in the right direction, correct grammar, correct spelling, help your child organize, or whatever else may be needed to tackle the 101 things that can come up in your child’s writing – and then send the suggestions back (via email) to your child to work on. The revision rounds are for the purpose of teaching your child how to grow in writing skills, not to merely correct and edit your child’s paper.
    Round 2. Ditto above! Your child re-submits the writing with the revisions. The Incite to Write team will comment on the revisions, edit and send back (via email) to your child. Why Revise? Revising and editing are how students on all levels learn to write.

    How to Submit Your Child’s Work When You Are Ready: The fastest way is to scan and email your child’s writing. Email to Copy and paste this email address into your browser.

    To mail by snail mail: Incite to Write, PO Box 23581, Santa Fe, NM 87502
    Turn-around time is generally 2 days.


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